It All Comes Down to This


A finalist for Player of the Year, Trey Burke will be a big factor for Michigan against Indiana.

It’s been an exciting season in college basketball, hasn’t it? Who would’ve thought that we’d have a new number one almost every week? Well, in the Big Ten, the excitement will last into the weekend as things are going to be decided by the Sunday night. But what does that mean for Michigan, Michigan State, or any of the other schools left contending?

INDIANA: 25-5 (13-4 in Big Ten)

Remaining schedule: @ #7 MICHIGAN (3/10)

MICHIGAN: 25-5 (12-5 in Big Ten)

Remaining schedule: vs #2 INDIANA (3/10)

OHIO STATE: 22-7 (12-5 in Big Ten)

Remaining schedule: vs Illinois (3/10)

MICHIGAN STATE: 22-7 (11-5 in Big Ten)

Remaining schedule: vs #22 Wisconsin (3/7), vs Northwestern (3/10)

WISCONSIN: 20-9 (11-5 in Big Ten)

Remaining schedule: @ #12 Michigan State (3/7), @ Penn State (3/10)

The scenario for Michigan is simple at this point: beat Indiana and they’ll be co-champions of the Big Ten. Michigan has everything working for them going into Sunday’s game. Losing a tough game in Bloomington should give some spark to the team as will the chance to cut down the nets if they win. Additionally, Michigan could snag that 2 seed with a win due to Miami and Georgetown’s recent losses. There’s a lot at stake here; Michigan just has to go out and get a W.

As for Michigan State, they are in for a dog fight of their own. Thursday’s game at home against Wisconsin is a do-or-die game for the Spartans. If they win, they own the tiebreaker with Wisconsin for the right to be conference co-champions. If they lose, Wisconsin owns the tiebreaker and could be conference co-champion. Yet the Spartans have to beat Wisconsin, and Northwestern, and hope that Michigan takes care of business against the Hoosiers. It’s a long shot, but I’m sure Spartans won’t mind rooting for a rival if it means sharing a championship (see OSU’s win over IU, Michigan fans).

Despite all this confusion, this is what college basketball fans live for. The match-ups, the rivalries, the eliminations. While the NCAA Tournament hasn’t started, the calendar does say March and the Big Ten is here to fill it with madness.


About Joe Barroso

Joe Barroso is the creator and editor of the Sporting Mitten blog as well as a contributor for the Farm Club blog. He began to pursue a career in journalism in 2010 while in high school. He created, produced, and wrote for "Irish Pride Sports Show" a weekly, sports feature show for Father Gabriel Richard High School in Ann Arbor, MI. He grew up in southeastern Michigan playing a variety of sports but was drawn to the game of baseball. Even with his short-lived playing career in high school gone, he still decided to pursue a career reporting happenings in baseball. You can reach him at
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3 Responses to It All Comes Down to This

  1. anonymous FGR says:

    joe – i knew you in high school and was never really friends with you, but i have to say, I respect your work. kids might knock on it but you’ll make it some day. as a sports fan i have to say, this is some good shit. keep it up and you’ll be working for ESPN someday

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